I have been working within the somatic field for over 20 years. Generated from a variety of training  within yoga, circus arts and breathwork, I love teaching all levels of students an experience of  integration with their mind, body and spirit. 


Each of my classes blends anatomical precision & muscle activation with fun. I have worked with all levels & ages as well as experience working with injuries. 


According to one of her students: "I feel so good after a class with Sandra. She has helped me more than physical therapy did. No joke! I really wanted to learn how to fix my misalignment myself. She helped me find a way by starting with calling it a challenge and not bad. Now I have the tools and know how to help myself. Sandra is an amazing teacher!"

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Flying Locust
Secret Prayer
Photo Credit: Jason Goodman
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Flying Firefly
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Tadasana Festival 2012
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Hoopvinyasa-179 SANDHI
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The art of yoga assists
Occupy YourSelf
Wild Woodstock Ashram