Sandra Ferreira had been teaching yoga & using essential oils for over 20 years. She has over 1000+ hours of training, teaches internationally, has mentored 100+ teachers, & leads her own teacher trainings. 


Each of her classes blends anatomical precision & muscle activation with fun. Sandra has worked with all levels & ages as well as experience working with injuries. Becoming a Mom further propelled her to share personal wellness solutions in easy to understand methods. 


According to one of her students: "As a yoga teacher Sandra is fun and playful. She presents Self as the yoga-guide and delivers a truly "sensational" experience. This is to say that her classes lead you to an experience with all your senses to fully embody the practice."

Photo Credit: Jason Goodman
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Yoga in New York Project  (4907) copy
Yoga in New York Project  (5041) copy
Yoga in New York Project  (4798) copy
Tadasana Festival 2012
Yoga in New York Project  (4829) copy
Yoga in New York Project  (5003) copy
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Occupy YourSelf
The art of yoga assists
The art of yoga assists
Dress rehearsal!
Secret Prayer
Occupy YourSelf
Wild Woodstock Ashram

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