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  • Essential Oil Education


  • Corporate yoga

    • weekly yoga sessions offered in your conference room, gym or office space. This can improve focus, productivity, teamwork, company morale and cooperation in the workplace!


  • Private yoga

    • in my Brooklyn loft equip with aerial yoga hammock, hula hoops & every prop we many need or in your home. Can be 1-1 or a small group.


Private instruction is great if you are:

  • recovering from an injury

  • needing special attention

  • starting a yoga practice.

  • fine tuning your practice &/or have specific questions

Sandra Ferreira had been teaching yoga and using essential oils for over 20 years. She has over 1000+ hours of training and education, teaches yoga internationally, has mentored 100+ teachers, and leads her own teacher trainings. Each class integrates anatomical precision and muscle activation with fun. She has experience working with all levels and ages as well as experience working with injuries. Becoming a Mom has now propelled her to share natural wellness solutions in easy to understand methods. According to one of her students: "As a yoga teacher Sandra is fun and playful. She presents Self as the yoga-guide and delivers a truly "sensational" experience. This is to say that her classes lead you to an experience with all your senses to fully embody the practice."