Yoga and aerial dance have been loves of mine for many years......collectively 35 years!! After I pulled both of my shoulders in poorly taught aerial silks classes in 2006, I reexamine the practice with my yoga teacher mind. This birthed Aerial Mukti Yoga which focuses on dynamic flexibility and functional movement exercises to assist in keeping our bodies entact!


We utilizes a yoga hammock made of soft fabric as the key prop in class. This blending of traditional yoga and aerial brings a new perspective to balancing opposites like blending earth with sky, push with pull, and focus with fun.


  • Sequence for the "Aerial Mukti Yoga Magic" class

  • How to teach foundational aerial yoga poses

  • Class structuring

  • Teaching skills

  • Hammock safety

  • Alignment 

  • Common modifications

  • Assisting and spotting

  • Color photographic manual


  • Completion of 20 Aerial Yoga practice classes

  • Attendance of all in-class hours of training

  • Submitting all assignments

  • Teaching test class

  • Passing exams


Aerial Mukti Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training

Coming soon!