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Using yoga, acrobatics, mindfulness & essential oils, I create personalized practices that empower my clients to take charge of their own & family's wellness. You can live anywhere in the world & still receive my support since sessions can happen online. My intention is to educate my clients so that at the end of our 90 day wellness plan, they have new modalities to integrate into their daily regime.

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I have been teaching Yoga & using essential oils for over 20 years, have experienced over 1000 hours of Yoga training, teach internationally, mentored 100’s of teachers, & leads my own brand of Aerial Mukti Yoga teacher trainings. 

Even with all of those accolades, it was becoming a Mom when I learned the true meaning of Yoga through selflessness, love & caring for another human being. This is what has most propelled me most to fully integrate & share wellness solutions that are fun & easy.

It is my dream for everyone to be empowered to be in control of their health & happiness. I LOVE supporting people to become their best self. All it takes is one drop to create a ripple of change. This begins with a 45min online consultation & creating a personalized 90 day wellness plan.

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Photo Credit: Jason Goodman
Sandhi lower res
Yoga in New York Project  (4907) copy
Yoga in New York Project  (5041) copy
Yoga in New York Project  (4798) copy
Tadasana Festival 2012
Yoga in New York Project  (4829) copy
Yoga in New York Project  (5003) copy
Hoopvinyasa-179 SANDHI
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The art of yoga assists
Dress rehearsal!
Secret Prayer
Occupy YourSelf
Wild Woodstock Ashram

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